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Music to her Majestie - Odes for the last Stuart

Painting a unique portrait of a remarkable monarch, Spiritato and lutenist Elizabeth Kenny, are joined by a crack team of soloists to explore exquisite works dedicated to the last Stuart. Often overlooked, Queen Anne was the last great Patroness of Arts and oversaw both the end of the Restoration and the arrival of a new, virtuosic Italian style.

Beginning with Purcell’s beautiful music for her wedding as a young princess, via the modern premiere of John Eccles’ lyrical Inspire Us Genius of the Day, full of hope for Britain’s new Queen in 1703, to Handel’s glowing ode for her birthday of 1713, his masterpiece; Eternal Source of Light Divine. Each work features the finest composer and leading poet of the day and shines a light on two decades of politics and power at the dawn of the 18th Century.

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Our programme:

H Purcell – From Hardy Climes and Dangerous Toils of War
J Eccles – Inspire Us Genius of the Day
GF Handel – Eternal Source of Light Divine

Soloists: Nardus Williams, Zoe Brookshaw, Nicholas Mulroy, Jimmy Holliday

St Gile's Cripplegate, Barbican, London

10th September 2023 at 18.00


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